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Bedale History

Bedale is a picturesque, historic market town located in North Yorkshire. With it's charming cobbled streets, hidden gems and a Market Place centrepiece full of a variety of unusual shops all perfect for visiting tourists, Bedale is well worth a visit! Famously known as the entrance to Swaledale and the Yorkshire Dales, and situated in easy distance of The Dales National Park, Bedale is a hugely popular tourist hot spot that boasts a large number of The Dales' 8 million visitors per year.

Bedale Town Council

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Bedale Leech House  

Just some of Bedale's historic buildings and points of interest on offer are:

An eighteenth-century Leech House; which happens to be the only one of it's kind in the UK (pictured, left).

An underground ice house which can be found within the South-West corner of Bedale Park and is open to the public just once a year.

A fourteenth century market cross, located at the heart of Bedale itself.

Bedale Museum which has a large number of items on show from bygone years including tools, record books, accounts and wartime memorabilia. Entry is free, so there's simply no excuse not to call in!

Wensleydale Railway, perfect for those who like to experience train travel as it used to be.

Please view our Things to do in the Dales page to see some of the larger attractions within Bedale.

North End, Bedale

St. Gregorys Church, Bedale


Standing proudly at the top of the high street in North End is St. Gregory's church. The church has a fortified church tower and is steeped in history. Did you know that of its church bells was taken from the ruins of nearby Jervaulx Abbey and is still regularly used today? There is also a picture within the church of St. George slaying the dragon.

Directly next to St. Gregory's you will find The Chantry Hall. The hall hosts a large number of craft fairs, charity events and coffee morning throughout the year, and is also available for hire throughout the year.

To find out more about St. Gregory's church, visit their website:

On the opposite side of the road in North End stands Bedale Hall. The hall is a grade I listed building. Its classic exterior contains an exceptional example of Rococo plasterwork.The hall has recently been renovated and the interior has been repainted from yellow to a stunning red, giving the hall a wow factor. It has a large sweeping staircase and a beautiful chandelier, making it a prime wedding venue. The hall is also home to Bedale Library, Bedale Museum, Bedale Under 5's Pre-School and Bedale Volunteer Centre, plus many businesses, making Bedale Hall a large part of the local community.

Surrounding Bedale hall is a beautiful large grassed area which includes a large childrens playpark, divided into 2 areas, one aimed at the under 5's and one for the over 5's. It is also home to the Bedale car boot which takes place every Saturday between March and October.

Bedale Bonfire takes place in the park around November 5th and with it's impressive bonfire and firework display, attracts a huge croud from Bedale and the surrounding areas and is one of the most popular Bonfire events in the area.

Located directly behind Bedale Hall is the newly built Surestart Children's Centre; another important part of the local community. With highly qualified staff and free organised events, such as 'Stay and Play' and 'Family Cookery' sessions which run alongside the baby weigh in clinic among other things, the Children's Centre is very popular with parents and children alike.

Bedale's Profile:

(Information collected from www. - correct as of 1st August 2011)

Often, many of the people who live in this sort of postcode will be well-off managers living in detached houses. These are known as type 11 in the ACORN classification and 3.7% of the UK's population live in this type.

Neighbourhoods fitting this profile are most often found in East Anglia, North Yorkshire and Leicestershire.

These well-off people live in established towns and villages. People tend to be a little older, with households being a mix of couples with older children, empty nesters with some retired people. They live in large detached houses and many people have paid off their mortgage. As a result, their high value homes are significant financial assets, even if they are not always in the most expensive areas of the country. High family incomes support a good lifestyle. Two or more cars are common, at least one being a pricier new model. There is also money left over for investments in guaranteed income bonds, regular savings plans and high interest investments. Some householders will have a private pension plan. This is a gentler traditional lifestyle with outdoor activities such as golf, gardening, bird watching, hiking and visits to places of interest such as stately homes. Families only eat out from time to time. At home there is interest in good food or wines and subscriptions to magazines, such as Good Housekeeping. Readership of the Daily Express and Daily Telegraph reflects these families more traditional values. They are more likely listen to Radio 2 and Radio 4.

Bedale Crime Figures:

(Information collected from - correct as of 1st August 2011)


Population 87,300 -
Households 36,800 -
Burglary 5.8 9.6
Criminal damage 8.3 12.7
Drug offences 1.8 4.2
Fraud and forgery 1.2 2.7
Offences against vehicles 3.6 8.2
Other offences 0.6 1.2
Other theft offences 9.8 19.3
Robbery 0.1 1.4
Sexual offences 0.7 1.0
Violence against the person 7.8 14.8


Data is supplied by the Home Office based on data collected by police forces in England and Wales between 2010 and 2011.

Crime statistics are per 1,000 of the population within the local authority area.