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Bedale Olympic Torch

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The Olympic Torch travelled through Bedale on Wednesday 20th June!

The town was bustling, flags waving and school children cheering - a fantastic atmosphere!

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See all the action from the whole morning from start to finish:

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Alternatively watch our slideshow below!

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The Olympic Torch and it's journey through Bedale & North Yorkshire

The Olympic Torch Bearers - Aiskew & Bedale, 20th June 2012

bedale olympic torch map of route

 Download the Olympic Torch details here


Let us know below if you were there on the day what you did to celebrate the event! Have any photos, stories or comments from the day? Email us at [email protected] !

Photograph supplied by Denis and Catherine Trought of Aiskew showing Rachel Wilkinson carrying the torch through Aiskew!

olympic rachel

Thank you very much for sending this in and sharing it with us.


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