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Leeming Bar is to be given a heart

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Last week I had the pleasure of attending a town council planning meeting in Northallerton, during which the subject of a new housing development for Leeming Bar was brought up on the LB1

The plan is to develop on & improve the existing area opposite Simply Dutch where the current industrial area lies (John H Gills & Sons, this is not to be confused with Leeming Bar Industrial Estate which is totally separate)  by building a new residential development of 84 houses (40% will be affordable homes) and a local shop. Along with improvements to the existing buildings on the industrial estate to make them more physically appealing. Some of the existing buildings which are listed will be converted into flats. There will also be a village green area.

There were concerns raised from the residents of Leeming Bar with regards to sewage system problems with blocked drains being an issue presently however there were reassurances from Yorkshire Water that this problem would be rectified and the new development will not cause existing problems to become worse. The residents are concerned that nothing will be done to fix the problems already present to the current sewerage systems which following heavy rain causes the system to become backed up due to deposits of fat in the drainage systems and is meaning that residents in the area are at risk of human waste surfacing and it also means during these times residents have been unable to use their toilets in their own homes as they are not draining. In the plans Yorkshire Water intend to clean out the existing system entirely to improve this situation removing the build up of fat and other debris from the pipework along with putting improvements in place so this issue is resolved.

The residents of Leeming Bar were against the plans going ahead, however during the meeting there was comment from a councillor to say " This plan will make Leeming Bar a better place in the future but not for now for the people who live there." There was also a quote to say that you will "Never totally satisfy the locals, Yorkshire water have caused worries and doubts"

There were comments made to say that this development will "improve" what is a "messy, untidy area" and give a heart to Leeming Bar, a centre for the village. It was also said that "The plan was well thought out & designed."

Comments from locals raised the issue of schools, with each family having 2.4 children, will the local schools at Leeming Bar be able to cope with the new influx of residents to the area?

However along with negatives there are many positives, it will improve an area that is quite unappealing to the eye and will bring more people to the area, providing housing for people working locally (Leeming Bar Industrial Estate) and it will bring added custom to local businesses like The White Rose Hotel, The Corner House Pub & The Wensleydale Railway .

Some concerns were raised with regards to the access to the residential development as it will need to go through the industrial unit area,blog LB2 this photo shows where the new access road will go. However those not in favour of this were outvoted as the plans were approved by majority vote.

So what do you think? Leave us your comments below


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  1. Village resident

    I wish I'd known the field behind my house was being sold to build new houses....I would have sold them my property..I dare say the next door house may have been sold too ...wish they'd approached us.

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  2. rod sayer

    the person who put all this rubbish on wants to try living here when all this goes ahead. the photo only shows access to part of the planned industrial area the main access is from northallerton road. as for yorkshire water ido not believe a word they say about the drains. one of the planning members said she wouldnt buy dne of these houses then voted for it 2faced or bad idea as it only lines some peoples pockets to the detriment of the village

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  3. Resident of leeming

    How do they propose the new housing will get out of the junction, I live in leeming and it is already a bad junction to get out of without adding even more traffic. I do think though that getting a "heart" to leeming bar would be good as will tidying that area however simply Dutch will always drag the area down

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