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Tesco is coming to Bedale

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Tesco has had planning permission approved to turn a historic pub & hotel in the heart of Bedale into a Tesco Express store.

Hambleton District council have agreed to planning alterations to the former Kings Head Hotel in Bedale Market Place,  Approval was not needed for change of use on the building which is grade 2 listed, because it operated as a pub up until its closure 2 years ago. Tesco simply need to apply for approval for alterations and extensions to the building.

Objections from local traders, residents and the highways agency have been brought to the forefront, 11 letters of objection & a petition containing 70 signatures were put forward asking for the district council to refuse it based on parking problems and the impact on small shops.

Chamber of trade chairman Carol Clarke said one of the main concerns had been that it is on a dangerous junction. "That building is on the most difficult corner in Bedale. Lorries are turning in all directions, all the delivery vehicles would have to come to the front because there is no real access at the back, and those vehicles will be in a very dangerous place. There is also a pedestrian crossing which would have to be moved. From a retail point of view, it is a negative and a positive thing. While it will have an impact, it is better to have Tesco in the middle of the town than outside it. We dont want people going out of the town to shop. We had hoped to attract shops into the town that were more distinctly different, but we seem to have little choice but to accept this."

Bedale town councillor Michael Lowe said he had told the planning committee about the concerns " I voiced our opinions about the deliveries and the extension but I got shot down at the end of it all and it was approved."

North Yorkshire county highways urged that the application should be refused because of concerns over safety as the building has no on site parking. Meaning vehicles will be left on the road and so close to a junction this will only cause problems.

A spokesman for Tesco has said " The store will create up to 20 new jobs for local people and we hope to be open in the Spring of 2013. We have strong evidence of Tesco Express shops attracting more shoppers, customers tend to use our convenience stores for top up shopping and they often use other shops and businesses in the area whilst there. We will deliver to the front in the same way that the pub has done for years. We have small rigid vehicles that can serve express stores sop you wont see the largest articulated lorries."

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