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Mothers Day Ideas

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daffsMothers day is coming up on the 10th March, and its a nice time to spoil our mums and say thank you for being there and doing things for us. As a mum myself I know that the little things are the most precious, so we have compiled a list of things that dont cost the earth to treat mum and show that you care.

  • Spend Time with Your Mum

Kids become teenagers, who then become adults with our own careers, families, and lives. Somewhere along the way most of us spend much less time with our mothers than we used to. Taking an afternoon, a day, or a few hours to spend with your mother will truly show her how much you care. Here are a few ideas to make it a special occasion:

  • Invite her out for a cup of coffee or tea and catch up
  • Attend church with her
  • Buy a DVD she wants to see and bring over the wine and popcorn
  • Invite her over for a family dinner or for brunch in her honor
  • Offer Your Services to Make her Life Easier

Is there something that you do that your mother could benefit from (or has hinted she would like help with)? For example, Perhaps Mum needs help with downloading apps or music. Gutters need cleaned, cars need washed, and I’m sure your Mum has a thing or two she would love some help with. Better yet, make her a nice cup of tea and let her relax while you knock a few things off of her to-do list.

  • Make a gift

Home made gifts are always nice on mothers day, a special picture from a young child, a home made card, a cake, some shortbread are all great ideas for a cheap easy and thoughtful gift. Another thing that I once did for my mother was to make a photo album of all the lovely photos I had of her and me together over the years, It was relatively easy to do and it is something she still treasures today.

  • Buy an inexpensive gift

Flowers, a plant, a singular cupcake from a fancy bakery (cupcake dreams in Bedale!) or how about putting a lovely photo of the 2 of you in a lovely frame?

  • Take her out for dinner

Treat mum to a special meal out on Mothers Day, The White Rose Hotel in Leeming Bar 01677 422707 are offering a special mothers day menu for just £10.95 per person (see our front page for more details)The Greyhound Inn at Hackforth are doing a yummy sunday lunch offer along with a free gift for every mother! Make sure you book to be guranteed a table! 01748 813 360.

Hope you all have a lovely time treating your mums and if you have any ideas you would like to share please post them in the comments box below!

Here is a picture sent in by Jo Keeling to accompany the message below mothers day

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  1. Philip Edwards

    This is a superb idea for a mothers day breakfast in bed treat

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  2. Jo Keeling

    I run a craft club at a local school. yesterday we made these mothers day baskets, made from woven paper wrapped around a cut~down 4pt milk bottle, i wanted to share this picture on the blog but I didn't have a web address. Any way here is the picture!!

    Posted on

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