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Bedale Funding - Where should the money go?

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Bedale Funding – How do you think it should be spent?

Bedale Online have recently been asked by Bedale Town Council to share the following with all of you in the hope that you may be able to give them some valuable insight on where you think public funding should be spent within Bedale under the sector “Public open space, sport and recreation”.

They have sent me a document which outlines the proposals as drawn together by Hambleton District Council and supported by Bedale Town Council with input from other organisations including Bedale Town Council, Bedale and Villages community forum and others. It shows their priority for the funding, however are their views also your views? We want and need your comments on this! If you want to have something in Bedale improved you need to tell the council what needs doing. If you feel that the funding is going towards something that isn’t worthy, now is the time to voice your opinions on where it should go.

I am very much looking forwards to hearing your views & I hope it has an impact on what happens to our area.

The following are set out in order of priority as voted for by the council, number one being the first priority for public spending and so on….

  • 1. Bedale Scouts & Guides

Actions: To contribute to the provision of scout and guide premises that may also be used for general recreation etc. activities both internally and externally.

How was the need identified? Bedale and villages community forum as one of the key targets for the continuing development of the town and this is supported by the town council.

  • 2. Other Public Space – North Yorkshire County Council

Actions: To provide a town centre feature area to the front of the post office, Market Place

How was the need identified? Identified by the B&VCF as one of the key targets for continuing development of the town and has been supported by the town council

  • 3. Other Public Space

Actions: To contribute to the provision of a cycle route between Leeming Bar & Bedale

How was the need identified? Identified by the B&VCF as one of the key targets for continuing development of the town and has been supported by the town council.

  • 4. Bedale Park incorporating play area and skateboard park – Bedale Town Council

Actions: Installation of new play equipment in the play area to benefit 8-13 year olds.

How was this need identified? Equipment subject to replacement due to general wear and tear.

  • 5. Floodlit Pitch Development – Hambleton District Council

Actions: Redevelopment of the floodlit pitch

How was this need identified? Playing pitch audit with North Yorkshire County Football Association

  • 6. Southfields Public Open Space – Bedale Town Council

Actions: Drainage of public open space to negate excessive flooding including the children’s play park.

How was this need identified? Recent experience & feedback from users.

  • 7 Replacement Trees – Bedale Town Council

Actions: Maintaining and improving tree stock in public areas.

How was this need identified? Advice from arborist in annual inspection.

  • 8 Adult outdoor fitness equipment – Bedale Town Council

Actions: Provision of a selection of equipment to benefit adults using Bedale Park

How was this need identified? Feedback from the community.


The following points are on the list however there have been no needs identified, they are as follows:


Bowling green


Burrill Road Open Space

Firby road sports area including football pitches

Golf Course

Leyburn Road Athletics and Sports including tennis & squash courts, football & cricket pitches

Public rights of way

Southfields open space and play area

Village greens including Wycar, Beck Side etc.


So tell us what you think in the comments box below………………..

25th April 2013:


The Town Council would like to thank the various people who responded to our Bedale Online Blog, for those of you that have mentioned wanting more facilities and provision for the younger people in Bedale we would like to direct you to the services provided via X-Niholo, Bedale High School (Culture Shack) and the Scouts & Guides.  With this in mind the Council has asked Lee Featherstone, the Chair of X-Niholo to provide comments and further information through the Bedale Online site (to follow)



If you would like to get in touch with the Clture Shack Contact 01609 533334


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  1. Lee Featherstone

    Hello all and thank you for your comments, which are of interest. Bedale has had a youth cafe' as we would like it to be known for about 5 years. It was situated on Bridge street next to computer shop and it was called X-niliho the one with the red door... This was down to the determination of the then Councillor Bob Pocklington and he remains on the committee to this day having handed over the chairmanship to myself 12 months ago. The committee comprises of 7 volunteers local parents and business people who have remained committed to raising the 10k, mainly down to the secretary who applies for money all over, others monies are donations, car boot etc...Not an easy sum to raise in the current financial predicament the country is in - Hence I stress Bedale is very fortunate to have what is has. We should all be extremely grateful to Bob for the amount of hard work he did to make our talks a reality! We are in the process of moving to a new location and await a change of use from HDC. The youth cafe' opens (ed) Monday 7 - 9 pm and Friday 7 - 9pm both these session are run by 4Youth North Yorkshire County Council youth service. In the last year I have opened a volunteer night on a Wednesday 7 - 9pm - the volunteers are local parents and I have about 12 volunteers. You are more than welcome to join us and assist in this project. The venue attracts up to 35 young people at a time on a mon and fri (currently being run from Culture Shack at the High School - pending a change of use). The wed night up to 20 young people attend. All year groups are offered the chance to attend during session in the high school with the youth service who promote the venue. It would be my vision to have it as a full time cafe offering somewhere for young people to go every night, but we are lucky to have 3 nights in Bedale. We will be having an open night in the near future, once we have secured a change of use of the proposed new premises for people of Bedale and the villages to attend and see what we have provided, which in my and that of other people associated with youth facilities, is first class. If you are interested in volunteering at the Edge please do not hesitate in contacting me and I will meet with you and show you round and introduce you to the team of wonderful people who give up their time to enable young people to have somewhere to go for some of the time. I will update this blogg as the new place becomes available and look forward to meeting other local people who can asist Bedale Youth Club (the Edge) continue to provide a service to the young peole of Bedale. Contact Lee on 07455084396

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  2. Ian

    Glad to see that provision of a cycle path from Leeming Bar to Bedale is being given consideration. Current options are to either go the long way around or down the main road which is a death trap; I know of several people who have come off at the railway lines and the road up from the bridge going away from Bedale is very narrow. With the building of more houses behind Gill's, the traffic to Bedale will increase significantly if provision is not made to allow people to cycle in safely.

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  3. Kyle

    Yep, something for the kids, like a youth club or something, get them off the streets.

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  4. Neil Hellawell

    Bedale junior football club attracts over 200 young people who train and play at dobsons field we are desperate for some new full size goals at approx cost of 3k howver the friends of Bedale junior football club may match fund and contributions but we cannot afford alone

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  5. Kate

    All of the other point could be met by contribution to the scout/guide hut. It could be used for both of the above on the two nights needed and then maybe a teenage youth club on the other. Also it could be hired for parties for young children. Teenagers could possibly have some sort of coffee shop in their too. All parties would be happy then. I think the play park is lovely as it is. Teenagers need somewhere as do the scouts and guides.

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  6. Helen,,,again

    I remember as a young girl, back in the mid 70's...discos were held in the Chantry Hall on a Friday night...I also remember the "comrades club" now the Riverside Club used to have Thursday Night set aside for 14 to 18 year olds for a disco night. I still like the idea of some sort of "diner" or "coffee bar". Does anyone remember Marios ?

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  7. Caroline

    Provision for young people in Bedale could be so much better! When I see hordes of young people gathered in the bus shelter or outside the Co-op or the Spar I often feel that we are letting them down by not giving them somewhere to go, something to do, that doesn?t involve structured clubs which of course not all young people are interested in. I thoroughly agree with the idea of a diner/cafe run by/for the young people in the area, and goodness knows, there are enough empty shops in the town that could be used for this purpose. An evening/weekend diner would be fabulous, I know I would have loved it as a teenager myself! It would give our young people in the community somewhere to gather, to socialise and, for those who wanted to work, an opportunity to gain valuable work experience which would stand them in good stead for going out into the world of work.

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  8. Annie

    I could not agree more with Helen, personally I do not think MORE money should be going into the scouts as a number 1 priority for our area, how much money has already been given to this project? im sure a lot of people will not agree with me but it would be nice to see this funding go towards something different? Couldnt something like Helen said be set up in the chantry hall on a friday night? I know as a 13 year old I would have loved something like this! I think action point no.4 is the best one from the list, or maybe more money should be put into the dog fouling issue as highlighted on Bedale Online's facebook page just recently!

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  9. Helen

    as the parent of a young adolescent...neither child nor adult, there are not enough places for him and his friends to meet unless they play sports or go to scouts.There is the youth club...but on a weekend all they seem to do is *hang around*,if there was someplace they could a diner or a cafe ...possibly even run by them...offering supervised part time work, with a view to making a small profit.. just a thought anyway.. maybe it sounds a bit ambitious. but not all young teenagers like going to sports clubs, scout groups, skate parks.

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