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Stockeld Park

Stockeld Park

We were recently invited to Stockeld Park’s VIP event which took place on Friday 18th of July, the evening prior to their grand opening of their Summer Adventure.

Having visited Stockeld Park in the past for the Christmas adventure we were very excited to be invited as a VIP. The preview evening began at 3pm lasting until 8pm. We made the decision to take the children out of school a little earlier than usual on the day as we live about 45 minutes away and we wanted to make the most of our visit.

We arrived around 3.30pm and the car park was already flowing with other VIP’s. We found Stockeld very easily and it was well signposted with plenty of parking near the entrance. The children could not wait to get going and to be honest I think the adults felt the same, from the car park we could see the huge inflatable slide and even as a 31 year old I must admit I was already pondering the different ways we were going to slide down to get the biggest adrenalin rush!

We were greeted warmly and from the moment we were in we honestly had what was the most wonderful family time. First stop was the scooters, we had to show our competence by completing a small agility course (que slight embarrassment as there was a fairly hot guy called Tom working on the scooters!) however I recovered from this fairly quickly when I noticed that joining our group of 4 was none other than Lucy Pargeter from Celebrity Jungle! I so nearly asked her if I knew her from somewhere and it was only when my husband said “Isn’t she an actress” that it twigged, I was tempted to immediately Facebook my chance meeting with someone famous with a badly posed selfie with Lucy in the background but I managed to restrain myself and appear nonchalant, not letting on my excitement (trying my best to be uber cool whilst riding an electric scooter is not as easy as one may think!) anyway if you have been to the Christmas Adventure you will recall the dry ski slope that goes through the enchanted wood, and this is what has become the scooter track, within 5 minutes both my daughter and son had crashed into the fences but I’m pleased to say “Hot Tom” and the other chap (sorry I don’t remember your name) were very patient and helpful whilst we reminded them how to ride the scooters (“Turn the handle bars, you can’t just lean the way you want to go!”)

Stockeld Park

After the excitement of this we didn’t hang around as the children were desperate to see what else was available – and I had spied wine in the marquee tent! So after a quick stop and a yummy chocolate milkshake for the kids – a cup of tea for us (Isn’t it too early for wine at 4pm I proclaimed – then sent my husband to get me a glass sneakily – but shush this is our secret OK, just between the two of us) We then saw some space hoppers, oh my goodness! My excitement had reached a new high similar to when I go to the Mulberry Outlet in York with my husband’s credit card. I laughed so much……. wasn’t the greatest day to wear a dress as I may have my knickers once or twice mid space hopper race but it was AWESEOME! There were big space hoppers and small ones, I didn’t see many adults on them admittedly but I can thoroughly recommend it!!

Then on to the bouncy castle. Everything was greeted with great excitement and we practically ran from one event to the next. The bouncy slide was HUGE and we spent a lot of time running up and jumping, bouncing, rolling and even sometimes sliding back down.

Next to the go cart bikes – what a work out! I had been to a spinning class that morning and my legs were already feeling like they had been through enough but when you get into a race against a 9 year old boy who isn’t your own child and he is determined to beat you around the track there is nothing you can do other than accept the challenge and revert to being a 9 year old yourself! Lots of laughter ensured and we ended up in races against our own children, other peoples children and other mums and dads.

5 hours passed in what felt like 5 minutes, I can honestly say we loved every second, and we didn’t even get to do everything that was there. We didn’t go to the enchanted forest, or on the huge trampoline, or the indoor play centre we did however go roller skating (and found that we all were terrible at it! And I mean terrible, I honestly recall being a very good roller skater as a child but Im unsure if that was all in my head or if it really is possible to totally forget a skill because I can honestly say this is not like riding a bike, I truly cannot do it as an adult. I didn’t fall, I have no idea how I didn’t but everyone else in my family did!)

Stockeld Park

Finally we went to the maze, personally my least favourite part of the day. Simply because I am a control freak who does not like to be lost, however the rest of my family loved it, there was a puzzle where you had to find the letters and unscramble them to enter a prize draw, well we got all the letters but we could not figure out the anagram (I guess we wont bother applying for countdown any time soon)

Next the amazing gift shop, normally I dread this part of a trip out with the children, spending a large amount of my hard earned money on what is useless tat, however for once I can say that I didn’t mind the children buying a toy each as they were not overpriced (£6.99 for a very well made cuddly toy) and we had a birthday party the next day so I managed to get a very cool alien for an alien obsessed 6 year old – awesome!) and I even got a chic woven heart for my front door.

All in all a most impressive day out. Stockeld Park far outweighed my expectations. The Christmas adventure has stuck in my head as just being very cold so it was lovely to enjoy the park in Summer. We could have easily spent a full day here and not got bored & since going my children have asked to go back every single day to the point where we are thinking of purchasing a summer pass. I would say that our day at Stockeld was more fun than any theme park and was the best family day out we have had in a long time.

Stockeld Park

Top Tips for your day at Stockeld Park

  • Get there early, you have a lot to fit in!
  • Wear sensible shoes that are easy to get on and off (converse high tops aren’t the best!)
  • Bring a picnic, there is a huge field perfect for al fresco lunches.

The Summer Adventure 19th July until 1st Sept
Open daily 10am – 6pm (last entry 4pm), Saturdays 10am – 8pm, with Roller Disco 6pm - 8pm (last entry 6pm).
Children 2 to 12 years. Children under 2 years are free.
Please note that all minors should be accompanied on site by a responsible adult at all times.
* Extra charges apply for Electric Scooter Trail
Daily 19th July - 1 Sept

Entrance Fees
Adult: £12
Child: £12 (Children 2 to 12 years.)
Family: £42 (based on 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children).
Under 2s: Free of charge. Please note that all minors should be accompanied on site by a responsible adult at all times.
On-line discounts available.
Extra charges apply for Electric Scooter Trail.
Season cards available to cover 3 seasons Easter/Spring/Summer 2014
Easter/Spring/Summer Individual Card 2014 £45
Easter/Spring/Summer Family Card 2014 (2 Adults + 2 Children OR 1 Adult + 3 Children) £150.

Each family member will be issued with a card containing their photograph. Each card must be presented per visit. The card also entitles a named holder to 10% discount in our Cafes and on entrance to Special Events, as well as 5% discount in the shop.

For more information see Stockeld Park’s website Click Here

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Stockeld Park